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What do families say about Study Partners?

We are very lucky to work with families who share their feedback. Here are some of the things they’ve said:

“D— had a successful math quiz last week getting 12/14. He finds the tutoring helpful, and sees it as practical and required. We appreciate your proactive and engaging approach.” – Parent of Gr. 9 Math student

“Thanks so much for your assistance! J— is definitely a good fit for N—-. N—- really likes the lists they create to help stay focussed on tasks and create little ‘doable’ chunks.” – Parent of Gr. 12 Academic Coaching student

“Things are going great with M—-. I’m understanding the content a lot better now with him explaining and going over certain questions with me.” – Gr. 12 Physics student

“M—- is a great match for L—-. She feels that the tutoring is helping her, and I appreciate all that M—- is doing to help build confidence in L—- and a more positive outlook towards math.” – Parent of Gr. 7 Math student

Additional comments from families can be found on our Google review pages.

What precautions are you taking for in-person sessions during COVID-19?

We have adopted a wide range of precautionary measures as part of our “new normal” during COVID-19. Please review our COVID-19 Precautionary Practices and Visiting Policies here.

What kinds of students do you work with?

Every student can benefit from stronger subject comprehension, improved learning skills, and increased self-esteem! Although some students excel with a helpful teacher at school and an active parent at home, growing class sizes and the hectic pace of life increasingly reduce these opportunities. Plus, as students get older, many parents simply feel unable to help with homework. Private tutoring allows students to take as much time as they need to explore difficult concepts, fully understand classroom lessons, and raise questions they may be too shy or embarrassed to ask at school.

Tutoring is particularly helpful for students who:

  • Have busy schedules
  • Need organizational support
  • Want to stay at grade-level
  • Require one-on-one attention
  • Have ambitious, short-term improvement goals
  • Learn in a unique way
  • Are anxious about school
  • Are bored at school
  • Are easily distracted
  • Are home-schooled
  • Are elite athletes
  • Want to avoid the summer “brain drain”
What subjects and grade levels do you teach?

We work with students in kindergarten through grade 12, in all core subjects, including Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and French. Many of our tutors are French Immersion teachers. We also offer AP/IB tutoring, and can even help with personal statements for university applications!

Is tutoring one-to-one or with a group?

Both! In-person and online tutoring is 1-to-1. Academic coaching is also 1-on-1. Homework club and enrichment classes are offered as a group. In addition, we offer small group reading and math sessions.

How is academic coaching different from tutoring?

Most people think of tutoring as academic tutoring or helping a student to enhance their understanding of subject-specific content, for example, math or science. However, for some students, challenges with school have nothing to do with content but are organizational-related. Academic coaching focuses on developing essential organization, time management and study skills that enhance a student’s overall performance and enjoyment of school, across subject areas. This includes lifelong skills like goal-setting, organization, time management, and planning, and important school-specific skills like note-taking, test preparation and studying. Our tutors help students develop these skills in the context of their current work load so they can see the positive impact on their daily assignments.

Academic coaching is well suited to students:

  • Who would benefit from improved motivation, organization, and initiation strategies
  • Whose academic success comes at the expense of unnecessary stress or anxiety
  • Whose declining performance across subjects is adversely affecting their confidence and effort
  • Who have executive functioning, working memory, written output, attention or other issues that affect their learning (usually identified in a psycho-educational assessment and recorded in an Individual Education or Learning Plan)
  • Who are elite athletes that respond well to a coaching model
How long are sessions?

In-person individual tutoring and academic coaching sessions are one hour. Some families extend online sessions to 90 minutes. Small group sessions are as advertised in the most current schedule.

What days are sessions available?

Individual tutoring and academic coaching are normally available 7 days a week. Sunday sessions are only available online. Small group sessions are as advertised in the most current schedule.

Where do sessions take place?

In-person sessions are offered at our modern, fully-equipped learning centres. Online tutoring and academic coaching are available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Why a learning centre instead of the tutor’s or student’s home?
Tutoring centres are often more comfortable for students and parents, for a variety of reasons. Many students find it awkward and/or invasive, and many parents have security and health concerns about a student going to a stranger’s home or a stranger coming to the family’s home for tutoring. When you attend our modern, fully-equipped learning centre, you experience a bright, clean, distraction-free, monitored space, designed specifically to enhance learning. Forgot your calculator, protractor, pencil crayons or laptop? Need a printer? No problem! We are fully stocked with essential supplies, including a robust WiFi network. You don’t have to worry about a student’s or tutor’s allergies. No-one is invading someone else’s private space. You don’t have to search for good parking. And you don’t have to worry about whether tutor-student interactions are appropriate. We even keep water and nut free snacks on hand to combat low energy levels!
What if my child prefers to be tutored at home - is online learning effective?

Yes. Online tutoring is still face-to-face tutoring and for students who prefer to work at home, online tutoring offers many advantages over in-home tutoring. First, no-one is intruding on your family’s private domain. Second, online tutoring exposes students to important learning technologies they will need to succeed in high school and university. Third, curious parents can see that students are learning in a safe and supportive environment!

Online tutoring is a great option for:

  • Busy families and students who can’t easily get to our learning centre
  • Students who find it easier to organize themselves online
  • Students who are more comfortable working from home
  • Students who are shy and/or aren’t comfortable with a tutor being in their space
Do you have to be a “tech” person to do online sessions?

No. And please don’t let your fears of technology keep your child from getting the academic support they need. Most students are much more capable with technology than their parents expect them to be. Our easy-to-use, secure, online learning platform allows the tutor and student to see and hear each other, share websites and files, annotate documents, collaborate on virtual whiteboards, and review saved screenshots later. Within one to two sessions most students are learning online like they’ve been doing it their whole lives!

What equipment do I need for online sessions?

Our secure, online learning platform is quick and easy to use. Students can participate on a desktop computer or laptop from anywhere they have a stable internet connection (2.0 Mbps +). The software is supported for Windows and Mac. Students follow a one click download in advance of their first session, and then simply click the icon on their desktop to join future sessions. Alternatively, they can log in to sessions through their browser (we recommend Google Chrome). Many students like to use a headset or earbuds with a microphone. We don’t recommend using a tablet or phone for online sessions, as they do not offer an optimal tutoring experience.

What kinds of things do tutors do?
Tutors focus on building a student’s confidence, understanding, learning strategies, and independence. They help some students keep up with current schoolwork, and challenge other students to do more than current classwork entails. Tutors can discuss ideas and clarify concepts, reinforce classroom lessons, brainstorm writing ideas, walk through sample homework questions, suggest test preparation strategies, or just make sure a student feels prepared for school.
Do tutors “do” homework?
No. Tutors can help you understand and work through your homework, but your tutor will not do your homework. If we did that, your grade might improve, but you’d be back with the same needs over and over again. Our goal is deeper and longer lasting. By learning how to do something and then mastering those skills and competencies yourself, you create your own path to success. Doing your homework may be easy for you – and for your tutor – but it isn’t helpful to you. Our job is to work together to ensure you have the confidence and skills to succeed on your own.
How will I know tutoring is working?
In our progress updates to parents we address a student’s specific goals, like turning homework in on time, asking more questions in class, or maybe just being less stressed. You may also see things like gradually increasing test scores, or praise from a teacher about improved focus, organization or participation. But the best way to measure progress is to ask the student. They are usually the first to see small things that are getting better, moving them closer to their goals. As the student comes to appreciate that “being good” at school is something they can do, their increasing belief in their own abilities will help them tackle new experiences, both in and out of the classroom, with confidence.
How are your tutors selected?

Our tutors are hand-picked to ensure that every student is learning from a qualified subject-matter expert, who is up to date with the provincial curriculum. Tutors undergo extensive interviews and are subjected to a thorough background screening, including a locally obtained vulnerable person police check. We look for previous teaching experience, demonstrated expertise in their subject area, excellent communication skills, a positive, empowering approach to teaching, and a friendly, patient demeanour.

What is your “tutor match” guarantee?
We individually match every student in 1-to-1 tutoring and academic coaching with a tutor who we believe will help the student see themselves as someone who can excel academically and personally. We focus on matching the tutor’s knowledge, skills and personality to the student’s educational needs, learning style, personality, interests and schedule. If, after having attended your first session with your tutor you are not completely satisfied, we will match you with another tutor, and your first session with your new tutor will be free.
Will I get the same tutor every time?
Yes. We believe the tutor-student match is essential to academic and personal success so we try to pair students with the same tutor for all sessions. Having said that, if a student requires help in different subjects or skills, for example Advanced Functions and French, they may be matched with different tutors based on expertise.
Do you work with a student’s school or teachers?
Yes, with your permission, we will contact a student’s teacher to get additional information about the student and to help ensure that the progress you’re seeing in tutoring is translating into the classroom. We understand the importance of aligning tutoring with what’s being taught in the classroom. In the same way, many teachers today are facing class size and other challenges that make it difficult to personalize learning for every student, and appreciate the opportunity to leverage tutoring.
Do your tutors work with students with learning difficulties?
Yes, many of our tutors have experience working with students with diagnosed learning disabilities, attention issues, or anxiety, and will be able to work with the student’s Individual Education or Learning Plan, should you choose to provide this.
I home school my child. Can you help me?
Yes. Sometimes even the most qualified and dedicated of home schooling parents have unexpected developments or subject-matter gaps that may keep a student from reaching their full potential. Many of our tutors have experience working with home schooled children. Your tutor will pick up where you left off, using your curriculum, and provincial objectives and expectations.
Do you conduct an initial assessment of students?
No. Academic assessments should only be conducted by a trained psychologist. We believe these are unnecessary and stressful for students. Unfortunately, some tutoring services use mandatory assessments to collect additional fees and obtain long term commitments from families. They position the assessment as a benchmark and then use company-owned materials to identify a student’s progress. Our future oriented, solution-focused approach to tutoring means that we are constantly assessing each student’s goals and progress, in the context of their daily classroom work. Because our tutors work 1-on-1 with students, they can pinpoint areas of improvement and gaps in learning right on the spot. We encourage you to consult with your child’s teacher. It’s probably a recent report card or string of assignments or behaviour that have brought you to tutoring. Ask your child’s teacher for their insights on where your child may benefit from additional academic or organizational support. Your child’s teacher spends a lot of time with your child, and can provide valuable information to assist with goal-setting.
Do you use your own curriculum for 1-to-1 tutoring?
No. We tutor from each student’s class material, using learning objectives and expectations set out in the provincial curriculum. We believe that the potential “loss of transfer” and additional unnecessary homework that often comes with a company-owned curriculum is counter-productive to effective tutoring. In some cases a tutor may provide examples that complement what a student is learning in class however we do not provide a curriculum or “take-home” work using company-owned materials.
How do I sign-up for tutoring?

You can register for tutoring or academic coaching by scheduling a free 20 to 25 minute consultation. Small group sessions do not require a consultation. Call our learning centres toll free at 1-833-STUDY UP or complete our web form or email us at

How much does tutoring cost?

1-to-1 tutoring and academic coaching (in-person and online) is $49 per hour. Specialized tutoring may incur premium charges. Small group sessions are as advertised in the most current schedule

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and other credit cards. We also accept e-transfers. Payment is due for all sessions in advance.

What if I am late for a session?
We understand that today’s hurried families have complications with their schedules. If you know you will be late for a session, we ask you to notify our office as a courtesy to your tutor. The session will end at the originally scheduled time. We are unable to offer discounts or rebates for partial sessions.
What if I need to cancel a session?

You can cancel or reschedule a 1-to-1 tutoring or academic coaching session, with no penalty, with 24 hours’ or more notice. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice are considered a late cancellation, and no refund or credit will be given. This applies even in the case of illness. No refund or credit will be given for unused group sessions.

How does inclement weather affect scheduled sessions?
If local schools close for the day due to inclement weather, tutoring sessions at our Learning Centre will also be cancelled. If we have not contacted you to let you know that the Learning Centre is closed, your session will proceed as scheduled and our regular late arrival and cancellation policies will apply. Please check with us in advance. Inclement weather has no impact on online sessions, unless power and internet lines are down. If this is the case, please notify us.
Is tutoring tax deductible or covered by health insurance?
Tutoring may be tax deductible if your child is eligible for the disability tax credit. Advance applications are required for the tax credit. Because federal and provincial taxes can be complicated, we recommend you consult with an accountant. Some private health plans may cover tutoring under certain conditions. Please check with your health insurance provider about your coverage.
What if I’m looking for tutoring not listed on your website?
Please contact us toll free at 1-833-STUDY-UP or email us at to see if we can help. We have been able to assist many families and students with additional services not offered on our website.
I think my child may have learning or attention issues. Do you provide psycho-educational assessments?
No. We do not have the expertise to diagnose learning, attention or anxiety issues and do not provide psycho-educational assessments. Please speak to your child’s teacher for their observations and arrange an appointment with your child’s doctor who can refer your child for a psycho-educational assessment. Psycho-educational assessments may also be available through your child’s school. If your doctor is unable to provide a referral, we would be pleased to refer you to specialized service providers with whom we have worked in the past.
How are you different from other tutoring companies?

So many ways! First, we’re family owned! Unlike big tutoring services that focus exclusively on delivering content (and often making money on company owned curriculum), we believe effective tutoring starts with building confidence. Our tutors are experienced teachers who approach students knowing they’re successful, resourceful and hopeful. We don’t see weaknesses or deficits – we see strengths and competencies that students can build on to help achieve their academic and personal goals. When a student sees themselves as a resourceful person who has experienced new things and developed new skills in the past, they believe in their own abilities to build on past successes and learn new processes and subject matter. This heightened confidence helps students master content and skills not yet learned and become independent learners. We also don’t ask families to do unnecessary, expensive assessments and we don’t require families to commit to a minimum number of sessions.

Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?

Please contact us toll free at 1-833-STUDY-UP or email us at

How do I become a tutor?

Our tutors find their work with students highly rewarding. We encourage applications from individuals with a broad range of knowledge and teaching experience in core subjects in the Ontario curriculum, from kindergarten through Grade 12. You must have a related degree and be passionate about building students’ confidence, curiosity and independence. Specialized training and certifications will also be of interest. Our tutors are kind, empathetic, patient, positive, organized, reliable, and have excellent communication skills, and a good sense of humour. Since the right tutor is different for every student, we are interested in a variety of personality types and teaching styles. For more information or to apply, please email us at