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Today’s families are busy! Work, school, and extracurricular activities can make following a regular homework plan and arranging dedicated academic support a challenge. To be effective, a tutoring program has to work with your schedule. We make life easier by providing tutoring in two convenient formats:

In-person Tutoring

Tutoring is particularly helpful for students who:
  • Have busy schedules
  • Need organizational support
  • Want to stay at grade-level
  • Require one-on-one attention
  • Have ambitious, short-term goals
  • Learn in a unique way
  • Are anxious about school
  • Are bored at school
  • Are easily distracted
  • Are home-schooled
  • Are elite athletes
  • Want to avoid summer “brain” drain
  • Have busy schedules
  • Need organizational support
  • Want to stay at grade-level
  • Require one-on-one attention
  • Have ambitious, short-term goals
  • Learn in a unique way
  • Are anxious about school
  • Are bored at school
  • Are easily distracted
  • Are home-schooled
  • Are elite athletes
  • Want to avoid summer “brain” drain

Every student can benefit from stronger subject comprehension, improved learning skills, and increased self-esteem! Our in-person tutoring sessions are delivered at our modern, fully-equipped learning centres, conveniently located for shopping and other errands. Although some students excel with a helpful teacher at school and an active parent at home, growing class sizes and the hectic pace of life increasingly reduce these opportunities. Private tutoring provides additional time for students to explore difficult concepts, fully understand classroom lessons, complete homework consistently, and raise questions they may be too shy or embarrassed to ask at school.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a great option for:
  • Families practicing physical distancing
  • Busy families and students who can’t easily get to our learning centre
  • Students who find it easier to organize themselves online
  • Students who are more comfortable working from home
  • Students who are shy and/or aren’t comfortable at a learning centre, having a tutor in their home, or being in a tutor’s home

Have a student who prefers to be tutored at home, or whose schedule or location doesn’t allow for in-person tutoring? No problem! We offer online tutoring for 1-to-1 subject tutoring, and 1-to-1 academic coaching and study skills sessions. Our online sessions allow you to schedule tutoring whenever and wherever you want. Online tutoring replicates the in-person tutoring dynamic, and for some students, works better. It’s still face-to-face tutoring. Students and tutors can see, hear and talk to each other, share their desktops, upload and annotate documents, and use a digital whiteboard. Online tutoring also exposes students to important learning technologies they will need to succeed in online high school and university courses. Plus, curious parents can see that students are learning in a safe and supportive environment!

All the same consultation, tutor match, reporting and other processes that apply to in-person tutoring apply to online tutoring.

Because every student is different and has their own goals for tutoring, we offer a variety of forms of tutoring:

1-to-1 Subject Tutoring (Kindergarten to Grade 12) – In-person or Online

Subject tutoring is well suited to students who:

  • Want to catch up on missed content as a result of an absence from school
  • Want to acquire missing foundational knowledge or fill knowledge gaps in a subject
  • Want to become more proficient at basic subject-related tasks, for example, reading fluency or arithmetic functions
  • Have ambitious, short term improvement goals, for example, go up a grade level in Math
  • Have specific, skills-related goals, for example, become a better essay writer
  • Have specific, behavioural goals, for example, commit two hours a week to preparing for a proficiency test
  • Are bored at school and require additional academic challenges or want to reach ahead

Our 1-to-1 subject tutoring provides personalized academic support for learners of all ages. Our tutors devote 100% of their attention to the student’s unique needs, create a safe environment for the student to ask questions, and work at the student’s own pace to achieve increased confidence and skill mastery. We tutor from each student’s class material, using learning objectives and expectations set out in the provincial curriculum. Our tutors’ interactions with students are process – not answer – oriented. We start with each student’s level of understanding, and focus on building foundational knowledge and personalized learning strategies, trying different approaches until the student “gets” the content. We teach students how to unpack new concepts and processes, to the point of completion. By breaking difficult material down into small doable tasks, students learn how to think analytically and critically, and how to set and achieve goals. The confidence that comes from mastering new content, and along the way reducing unnecessary stress and anxiety, motivates and equips students for lifelong success.

We work with students in Kindergarten through grade 12, in all core subjects, including Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies and French. We also offer AP/IB tutoring. Many of our tutors are French Immersion teachers.

Subjects include:


From foundational numeracy skills in elementary school to important Math building blocks in middle school and more specialized high school Maths like Algebra, Geometry, Functions, Calculus and Statistics, our tutors help students stay up to date with changing provincial Math curriculum. Our 1-on-1 sessions, adapted to your unique learning style and personality, help you find new ways to solve, motivate you to tackle challenging concepts, and prepare you for the math journey ahead.


Early success in Science helps students build problem-solving and exploration skills, and connect to the world around them. Science becomes increasingly important as students progress through middle school, and understanding core concepts becomes critical to succeeding in complex high school Sciences. Whether you want to understand a key concept or prepare for a big Biology test, our 1-to-1 tutors will help fuel your curiosity and build your confidence as a budding scientist.

Language Arts/English

Reading and writing are the cornerstones of academic and personal success. Students with strong reading and writing skills excel in other subjects, including Maths and Sciences. From spelling, grammar and comprehension, to grade level proficiency tests, oral presentations, and essays on Shakespeare and contemporary authors, our tutors help you develop important reading and writing fluency skills necessary to socialize, seek out information, and gain a deeper understanding of the world.

Social Sciences

History, Geography, Civics and other Humanities courses provide skills for success in a changing world. Students learn narratives of humility, courage, and hope, understand basic physical systems, and apply critical thinking to local, national, and international dialogues. From Canada’s capital cities to our history with First Nations, and the role of MP’s, our 1-to-1 tutors can help you brainstorm ideas and articulate your ideas more fully so you can contribute to important discussions, and persuade others.


Learning a second language opens up new worlds for students. French and Spanish are some of the most widely spoken languages in the world, increasing a student’s abilities to connect with other cultures, travel more comfortably, and take advantage of expanded academic and career opportunities. Whether you need basic instruction, or you’re a more advanced speaker who wants to brush up on conversational skills, our 1-to-1 tutors will help you reach your goals quickly and more easily.

1-to-1 Academic Coaching & Study Skills (Grades 5 to 12) – In-person or Online

Academic coaching is well suited to students:

  • Who would benefit from improved motivation, organization, and initiation strategies
  • Whose academic success comes at the expense of unnecessary stress or anxiety
  • Whose declining performance across subjects is adversely affecting their confidence and effort
  • Who have executive functioning, working memory, written output, attention or other issues that affect their learning (usually identified in a psycho-educational assessment and recorded in an Individual Education or Learning Plan)
  • Who are elite athletes that respond well to a coaching model

For many students, improving their school experience has nothing to do with subject mastery, but is organizational-related. Academic coaching focuses on developing essential organizational skills, to enhance a student’s overall performance and enjoyment of school, across subject areas. Even “A” students work with academic coaches – that’s part of what makes them “A” students! Instead of reinforcing subject-specific content, academic coaches help students develop a more ordered approach to learning. This includes lifelong skills like goal setting, time management, and planning, and important school-specific skills like note-taking, test preparation and studying.

For younger students this may mean organizing their backpack, reviewing their agenda, or creating color-coded systems for their notebooks and tests. Grade 7 through 12 students may learn how to plan their schedules and prioritize their workload, use technology for important due dates and to access their work from anywhere, break large projects down into smaller pieces, check their work against rubrics or instructions, and prepare for tests and exams. Our academic coaches work with students to practice these skills consistently, in the context of their current homework and assignments. With repetition and positive feedback, students experience improved academic performance, less stress and anxiety, and higher self-esteem. The skills they develop remain part of their academic and personal toolkit the rest of their lives.

Small Group Sessions (Kindergarten to Grade 12) – In-person or Online

See current Small Group Sessions Schedule

Small group sessions are a great option for students who enjoy group learning and:

  • Want to build their skills and confidence with a subject
  • Want to reduce anxiety about academic readiness
  • Want more individualized attention and support than the classroom offers
  • Want to be more challenged
  • Want more control over their own learning

Small group classes are engaging, hands-on courses that allow students to reinforce or expand on the provincial curriculum in a relaxed, social environment. Students attend small group sessions to stay sharp throughout the year, catch up on or review previous content, or challenge themselves outside of the classroom. Available during the academic year and also during the summer, each course is theme and age-based. Curriculum and resources are adapted to the unique needs of each class, so students can register for the same class more than once and have a different experience each time. Small class sizes with individual attention provide a fun, supportive environment for students to develop their confidence and interests, and become stronger, more self-directed learners in a group atmosphere. Small group sessions are limited to 5 to 6 students, depending on age level.

Our small group sessions include:

Kindergarten Enrichment (Pre-K to Kindergarten)

Ready, set, learn in a classroom setting! Alphabet, letter recognition, counting, shapes, and essential conflict resolution and socialization skills

Early Readers (Grades 1 to 3)

Develop a love of reading! Sight words, phonics, reading fluency, grammar, spelling, punctuation, reading comprehension, writing skills

Early Math (Grades 1 to 3)

Jump start math learning! Number sense, arithmetic, units of measurement, perimeter, two and three dimensional shapes, charts and graphs, probability

Elementary Math (Grades 4 to 6)

Become a “math person”! Place value, fractions, decimals, number patterns, expressing equality, composite and prime numbers, area, quadrilaterals, angles

Writer’s Table (Grades 4 to 7)

Learn to write! Planning, drafting, revising, editing, vocabulary, grammar, sentence and paragraph structure, plot, character, theme, thesis, genre

Tips & Tools for Grade 9 Success (Grades 8 & 9)

Learn valuable tips and tools to manage the transition from middle to high school. Note-taking, test prep, exam-writing strategies, and helpful software and apps

Grade 9 Math Readiness (Grades 8 & 9)

Are you ready for high school math? Integers, order of operations, decimals, fractions, equations, variables, ratios, measurement, geometry, algebra, data analysis

Essay Writing (Grades 7 to 12)

Pick your writing project! Essay format, argument, compare and contrast, exploratory and expository writing, thesis, viewpoint, research, sources, paraphrasing